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Let's Celebrate the Night Wedding !!

There is something magical about a night wedding. The moon above, the twinkling stars, and the glowing lights all provide a romantic and fairy tale atmosphere for a wedding ceremony. There are some things you can do to make your evening wedding even more special. No matter what the theme of the ceremony is, a night wedding is a refreshing departure from a daytime ceremony. Decorations :
Choose a theme that corresponds with the time of the wedding. Some ideas are Midsummer Night's Dream, Starry Night, and Country Night. Decorate with many clear twinkle lights, and choose a clear tent instead of a colored one so guests can see the stars during the reception. Colors should be rich and bright, either dark blue for a Starry Night theme, or rich jewel tones for a Midsummer Night's Dream wedding. Add lots of silver or gold, sparkles and crystals, and paper lanterns for a glowing, beautiful wedding. Get Glowing :
The most fun part of having an evening wedding is being able to use differen…