Let's Celebrate the Night Wedding !!

There is something magical about a night wedding. The moon above, the twinkling stars, and the glowing lights all provide a romantic and fairy tale atmosphere for a wedding ceremony. There are some things you can do to make your evening wedding even more special. No matter what the theme of the ceremony is, a night wedding is a refreshing departure from a daytime ceremony. Decorations :
Choose a theme that corresponds with the time of the wedding. Some ideas are Midsummer Night's Dream, Starry Night, and Country Night. Decorate with many clear twinkle lights, and choose a clear tent instead of a colored one so guests can see the stars during the reception. Colors should be rich and bright, either dark blue for a Starry Night theme, or rich jewel tones for a Midsummer Night's Dream wedding. Add lots of silver or gold, sparkles and crystals, and paper lanterns for a glowing, beautiful wedding. Get Glowing :
The most fun part of having an evening wedding is being able to use differen…

In Love With a Vegetarian?

It’s not easy dating a vegetarian, we understand! It becomes all the more difficult when you plan to go out for dinner. Some vegetarian partners wouldn’t like you calling for non-veg food, while some are comfortable as long as you’re not forcing them to eat.Here are 5 tips that will ensure a smooth date on the food front…
Check the Menu First
Just because it’s your favourite restaurant, doesn’t mean you take them there. First find out if they serve veg food and if yes, do they have a wide selection of meals for vegetarians? If they don’t, there’s no point going there. Not only will your partner be disappointed, you may find that they won’t want a second date.
Don’t Try Sneaking Meat in Their Food
This is downright disrespectful, trust us! You might do it just for fun, but that’s not funny. Sometimes people can go really violent if they haven’t eaten meat in years. So, don’t even think of having fun like this.
You Could Turn Veg For Sometime
We know you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian but th…

Importance of Mangal Sutra in kerala wedding

mangala sutra (from Sanskritmangal, meaning "holy, auspicious", and sutra, meaning "thread") is a sacred necklace that a Hindu groom ties around the bride's neck in a ceremony called Mangalya Dharanam(Hindi for: "wearing the auspicious"), which identifies her as a married woman. The woman continues to wear the mangala sutra as a sign of her marital status.The practice originated in southern part of India.It is also practiced by Saint Thomas Christians.In all Kerala Wedding this ritual still follows and really Important.

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Kerala wedding

Sambandham was a form of marital system primarily followed by the Nairs in what is the present-day Indian state of Kerala. This system of marriage was followed by the matriarchal castes of Kerala, though today the custom has ceased to exist. Alternate names were used by different social groups and in different regions; they included PudavamuriPudavakoda,VastradanamVitaram KayarukaMangalam and Uzhamporukkuka

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