Let's Celebrate the Night Wedding !!

There is something magical about a night wedding. The moon above, the twinkling stars, and the glowing lights all provide a romantic and fairy tale atmosphere for a wedding ceremony. There are some things you can do to make your evening wedding even more special. No matter what the theme of the ceremony is, a night wedding is a refreshing departure from a daytime ceremony.
Decorations :

Choose a theme that corresponds with the time of the wedding. Some ideas are Midsummer Night's Dream, Starry Night, and Country Night. Decorate with many clear twinkle lights, and choose a clear tent instead of a colored one so guests can see the stars during the reception. Colors should be rich and bright, either dark blue for a Starry Night theme, or rich jewel tones for a Midsummer Night's Dream wedding. Add lots of silver or gold, sparkles and crystals, and paper lanterns for a glowing, beautiful wedding.
Get Glowing :

The most fun part of having an evening wedding is being able to use different types of light sources. Candles look beautiful, but they can easily flare out. Set them in a tall hurricane holder to avoid that issue. Another great idea is to lay small lights all over the ground leading from the ceremony to the reception. This creates a magical look. Instead of tossing flower petals or blowing bubbles after the couple has said "I Do," it's more fun and more practical to give guests sparklers they can use to light up the night. Kids will especially love this idea.

Cake Ideas :

Since the reception area won't be as brightly lit as it would be during the daytime, put focus on the cake with lights. You can set the cake on a table and surround it with glowing candles to put attention on the cake and make it look even more beautiful. Another idea is to cover the cake with sparkling rhinestones that will reflect the light and look amazing. Alternately, you can line the table that the cake is on with twinkle lights to give the cake its own little stage area. This will also look good in the photographs of the couple slicing the cake together.

Fun Food :

A fun food table with evening snacks will be fun if there will be a lot of kids coming to the wedding. One idea is to serve cotton candy on glow sticks. Another is to serve star shaped cookies. Decorate the food table with fairy jars. Make them by breaking a glow stick and shaking the liquid into the jar along with some glitter, which will light up a night wedding.

Photography : 

Since a night wedding won't offer the same lighting as a day wedding, you and your photographer may need to get creative with lighting for the photos. A romantic idea for a bride and groom photo is a backlit picture with the silhouettes of the couple being the main focus. Another idea is to have the guests holding sparklers surround the couple while the photographer gets a photo of the couple lit up by sparks. Any nearby street lights also make dramatic lighting for evening photos. Black and white photos look amazing with evening lighting, so that's a good idea for select photos of the evening.


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